In a year of so much suffering, pain, division, and loss, experience what it means to be held together by a loving God. Join us for a day conference with impactful keynotes, interactive breakout sessions, and personal reflection time.

8:00a-4:00p / Hope Community Church - 3033 Middleton Rd, Hudson, OH 44236

8:00a-4:00p / Heartland Community Church - 3400 Weymouth Rd, Medina, OH 44256

To Register - purchase a general admission ticket (65$), then add on your 3 breakout session selections. Registration will not be complete without a general admission ticket.



hear from experienced counselors and ministry leaders, passionate about the Lord and the freedom he offers.

Leigh-Ann Brisbin


As a licensed clinical counselor and executive director of Free To Be Ministries, Leigh-Ann has a heart for helping women, and couples, find healing and freedom through faith-based, trauma-informed, care. With over 10 years experience in counseling and 25 in women's ministry, Leigh-Ann is excited to share her heart and wisdom with us.  Her passion for restorative work and unity within each individual, marriage, and the body of Christ, drew her to this vital message within scripture. 

"In Him all things are held together."     


Learn more about Leigh-Ann here.



Choose breakout sessions that speak into your specific needs and participate in interactive experiences.

getting to the root of our issues + learning healthy ways to break free. 

session options:



How do you grieve well when everything around you doesn’t stop?  Oftentimes, as women, when we face hardship or loss, we find it difficult to take the opportunity to grieve as we really need. We realize how crucial it is to keep functioning.  However, that is not what God desires for us.  He has crafted us to be able to feel sorrow and to be comforted by Him in the midst of it. Join us for this breakout and find out how to be abundantly loved and cared for in your grief.  

Led by: Stacy Boyd



Is it difficult to hear from God when so much is happening within you and around you? Sometimes the uncertainties or busyness of life, the things we have walked through, our own internal feelings, and all the noise around us make it a challenge.  In this breakout learn how to have more honest and effective conversation with God in a way that allows you to hear His truth and experience His love.

Led by: Paige Slovisky




Our bodies often hold on to stress, tension, and grief in ways we don’t even realize.  In this session we will invite God to meet you in your mind, your body and your spirit through breath awareness and movement. It is a gentle, restorative movement group. No previous experience needed. Wear comfortable clothes.  

Led by: Tina Farist


Holding Hands


In the fallen world we live in we consistently experience judgment, rejection, loneliness, and pain within relationship with one another. However, we were created in family and community for the purpose of connection and oneness in Christ.  In this breakout discover the value and power of being uniquely seen, known and accepted as the beloved, and cherished as sisters in Christ that transcends color, culture, and class. 

Led by: Erica Howard



Have you experienced pain and hurt that comes from a broken relationship with a loved one, someone in your past or present? Learn how familial wounds, generational patterns, and insecure attachment can affect our relationships in the present. This session will walk you through the hurt and lead you to Jesus, the one who can heal your broken heart. Discover how to move into the freedom of forgiveness and break free of unhealthy relationship patterns. 

Led by: Charnita Collins


Iyengar Class


Sometimes we get stuck in the thoughts we have and the feelings we feel.  Sometimes it is difficult to move forward even when we know the right things we should think and feel.  

This breakout will help you understand the mind-body connection through learning the beautiful benefits of releasing what is necessary to receive, renew your mind with His word, and experience freedom, all while moving your body. There are significant benefits to bilateral movement while proclaiming His truth. We will end with a time to quiet your heart, mind and body to receive truth spoken over you.

Wear comfortable clothing. Come prepared to move your body.

Led by: Lene Gray



Sometimes what we find difficult to process in words, our creative God helps us make sense of through creative processes. In this breakout using art, we invite you to connect with Him while we explore what it feels like when we let the Lord hold us in these uncertain and ever-changing times. Come as you are. No previous art experience required.


Led By: Amanda Hooley



It’s easy to sing God’s praises when life is going the way we think it should be, but what do we do when life’s inevitable storms come? Does the faith that we’ve built stand strong on the Rock of Ages, or does it fall apart in difficulty and uncertainty, revealing a foundation of sand? Join us as we explore what Jesus was really saying in the parable of Matthew 7:24-27, check our foundations, and maybe even learn how to sing in the rain.


Led by: Katy Epling



Waves of fear and anxiety can steal our "joy". Depression can , and we can easily lose purpose, passion, and even hope.  In this breakout learn how to make room for the Father’s arms to hold, to encourage, and to strengthen you.  There is an answer, and there is a way, to overcome, have unwavering faith and undying hope. 


Led by Joy Trachsel

image (2).png


Do you feel frustrated with repetitive thoughts that lead to negative feelings and unhealthy behaviors, especially when you have too much going on or triggered by past events?  We will take a closer look into how to have power over your thoughts and feelings from a holistic approach of neuroscience, cognitive psychology and God's magnificent workmanship in it all.  You will learn how your brain receives, and stores, information and how that is affected by the amount of bandwidth available and associations you have created from experiences you have had.  There will be time set aside for reflective practice and prayer to discover how to re-wire thought patterns and create positive outcomes.

Led by Viveka Jenks



The Church is the body of Christ as much as it is a community where we come to fellowship, grow, and worship our great God.  Because the Church is made up of imperfect people we are not immune to experiencing hurt, division and difficulties that happen because of brokenness, pride, and uncertainty.  Join us in understanding how to process the pain we have experienced within the church and experience a God who is perfect in all things, including how he heals, reveals, and restores.

Led by Sarah White

[Nov Conference Only]



"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever", Hebrews 13:8.  

Change is a constant in our lives and God is seeking to move in us, always.  While new seasons in life are always full of opportunity and growth, they are also times of vulnerability, uncertainty, anxiety, and fear.  Some transitions are chosen and intentional while others can be life quakes that disrupt and shake us to the core. We need our Father as a friend, a trusted advisor, and an anchor to ground us through it all. Join us in experiencing the only one who is a constant in our change and finding security in a sovereign God.

Led By Sarah Mihalik



 In this session we will explore the Enneagram as a tool in transformation.  It has been said that self-knowledge is the gateway to almost all life change. Of course, we know it doesn’t SAVE us. Jesus does that. But it can be immensely helpful as we move in transformative growth and seek to orient daily, personal practices and rhythms that fit our personality. The Enneagram is a tool that gives us a window into self by peering into our motivations and fears. We’ll talk about self-awareness that is rooted in Christ and how tools like the Enneagram can help us embrace our uniqueness while also teaching us to live out of our identity in Him.


              Led by Shannon McKee



We are wonderfully made, but sometimes our body isn’t working in harmony.  Stress, trauma, and overuse have significant negative effects that can wreak havoc on the whole body. The muscular system, which is in connection with the nervous system, is responsible for strength, balance, and movement.    In this breakout we will discuss the causes and concerns for dis-connection within the mind and body, and shine a light on what healing and restoration looks like so that our body works in harmony, as God intended.  

                  Led by Kim Brody



 7:30 AM - Doors Open

8:00 - Keynote 1

9:45 - Breakout Session 1

11:00 - Breakout Session 2 

12:00 - Lunch

12:45 - Keynote 2

2:00 - Breakout Session 3

3:15 - Closing Worship

4:00 - Concludes


Breakout Session 1



-Restorative Movement

-Our Thoughts

-Storms of Life

-Broken Relationships


-Art & Creative Processing

-Our Thoughts

-Transitions in Life


-Church Hurt (Nov Only)

Prayer Room & Reflection Room are also open during this time.

Breakout Session 2


-Restorative Movement

-Revelation Wellness

-Depression & Despair


-Our Thoughts

-Storms of Life

-Art & Creative Processing

-Transitions in Life

-Strength in Physical Pain

-Church Hurt (Nov Only)

Prayer Room & Reflection Room are also open during this time.

Breakout Session 3


-Revelation Wellness

-Depression & Despair


-Broken Relationships

-Art & Creative Processing


-Strength in Physical Pain


-Transitions in Life

Prayer Room & Reflection Room are also open during this time.

Please Note: We will be following all state mandated COVID-19 precautions. We will send an update via email prior to the conferece, with specific details and instructions. Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe!