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As triune beings, we know true freedom is wholly in the body, mind, and spirit. As we experience stress, trauma, and injury, we often hold the effects of them within our body. Our somatic services combine our integrative processes with movement work to facilitate wholistic healing; reconnecting the mind and body and helping the mind move from the sympathetic nervous system (flight, fight, and freeze) to the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest). Including Trauma Informed Yoga, Muscle Activation Technique, Bowen Technique, and Revelation Wellness.

Individual and group sessions offered.


Trauma informed yoga and movement is an embodied healing modality that offers an integration of breath, movement and mindfulness which helps orient and ground an individual. By awakening the parasympathetic nervous system, through breath and movement one initiates the rest and digest state. This helps calm the nervous system which invites the mind, body and spirit to integrate and heal.

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Led by Tina Fairst. Learn more about Tina

Trauma Infomed Yoga


Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is a process in which we can identify and correct muscular imbalances. A range of motion exam is used to identify any asymmetries. Muscle testing then helps identify which muscle in the range of motion are inhibited (not getting the right information). Once identified these muscles can be reactivated to allow for better contractile ability. Muscles can become inhibited by stress, trauma or overuse. These inhibited muscles lead to a loss of stability and mobility. Once these muscles become inhibited a compensatory pattern must be established to allow for movement to occur. These patterns then lead to abnormal wear and tear in the joints, often creating pain and discomfort. MAT can help to regain the stability and mobility, therefore creating better movement patterns and increased function.

Physical therapy on leg

Led by Kim Brody.

At this time MAT is only offered via events. Keep an eye on our events page for more info!



Bowen Soft Tissue Release is a gentle manipulation of the fascia that stimulates the lymphatic system to flow more freely, bringing balance to your whole being (body, mind, spirit). Your lymphatic system is connected to all the other systems in your body. The treatment is done over loosely fitted clothing and is designed to focus on areas of high lymphatics and nerve endings that attach to the Vagus nerve, which subsequently attaches to your organs. When we are dealing with stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, fatigue, our physical bodies can have places that become “stuck” along with our emotions. Tense shoulders, sluggish digestion, muscle or joint pain, inability to sleep are a few of the ways we carry stress. Lymphatic manipulation works with your body’s own natural response to open energy flow to allow for restoration and your body’s own natural healing response. It keeps things moving and balances the Autonomic Nervous System creating homeostasis at the cellular level.

The effects of this soft tissue release can help bring you out of “fight or flight” and into the parasympathetic nervous system, providing you with an overall feeling of calm. Therapeutic “wait” times, between working on different areas of the body, allow messages to be sent to the brain to create new neurological pathways. Prayer counsel can be incorporated into a Bowen session to invite the Lord in and His power to bring healing to your soul.

Reiki Treatment

Led by Laura Brenner. Learn more about Laura



Squat Workout

A program which includes scripture-based body movements and exercise along with journeying through the Wellness Revelation Bible Study program together. Learn how to train your brain, renew your mind and move your body. Lose the shame, guilt, and comparison that is weighing you down. See your body the way the God sees you and walk in that freedom!

Led by Lene Gray. At this time Revelation Wellness is only offered via events. Keep an eye on our events page for more info!

Rev Wellness


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