Our May conference has be postponed due to COVID-19 concerns.

Stay tuned for more information & a future date.

our 2020 women's conference

christ community chapel | 750 w streetsboro st. hudson,oh 44236

Join us as we experience the greatness of God and rediscover  his true purpose for our life. We are made for more than just surviving. We are made for living, breathing, and walking in His freedom. For victory, unity, stability and hope. 





hear from experienced counselors and ministry leaders, passionate about the Lord and the freedom he offers.


hear keynotes about God's plan for greater victory and unity.

Leigh-Ann Brisbin

As a licensed clinical counselor and women's ministry director, Leigh-Ann has a heart for helping women find healing and freedom through spiritual growth. With nearly 10 years experience in counseling and 25 in women's ministry, Leigh-Ann is so excited to share at our conference. 


Learn more about Leigh-Ann here.



getting to the root of our issues + learning healthy ways to break free. 

Choose breakout sessions that speak into your specific needs and participate in interactive experiences.

session options:


In our uncertain world, it is easy to feel out of control, be plagued with worry, or to believe the lie that we must rely on ourselves to ensure our own security. These can produce in us a spirit of fear. Learn ways to understand and combat this.  Discover how meditating on Scripture and “remembering,” quiet the lies and help us work through present circumstances to depend on Jesus for real security.   

Led by: Tara Cook


The challenges each day, the unexpected twists and turns, or the monotony of life, can sometimes leave us feeling like happiness, contentedness, and hope are unattainable. Depression can move in, diminish our hope, and we can easily lose purpose, passion, and perspective. You are not alone. Join us as we discover, together, where an undying hope and new perspective can be found. 

Led by: Joy Trachsel




[Movement based breakout]

Join us in this breakout session to gain understanding of the natural rhythms in our mind, body, spirit. Identify the ways in which our rhythm becomes disconnected and out of sync. You will be taught and experience skills to reset your neuro-muscular systems in order to move in a more Christ-led rhythm in your daily life. 

Led by: Victoria Gutbrod



Tired of feeling “up and down” and tossed “back and forth” by changing circumstances? Longing for greater spiritual, emotional, and relational stability? We will explore the anchors to continual and consistent joy-filled peace, connection, and gratitude amidst life’s struggles and challenges.

Led by: Debbi Sands


[Art and Creativity based breakout]

The unpredictable situations of life can rob us of the peace that God wants us to be able to experience in Him.  The promise of peace that surpasses our own understanding will be explored in this breakout using the creative art process. We will discover why our peace can be weakened and encounter the many ways the Holy Spirit moves us into greater peace. 

Led by: Amanda Hooley



Finding yourself in a place of major change? Feeling lost, empty, confused or overwhelmed in the midst of a difficult transition?  Gain a fresh perspective of how God uses times of change to accomplish a deeper understanding of a more complete narrative and the greater good taking place in the sacred in-between. 

Led by: Betsy Stretar



God has created us all with the need for connection. Our broken world fractures the way we were intended to connect with God. We'll talk about what hinders you from connecting with your Heavenly Father and learn about the truths about your relationship with Him.

Led By: Paige Slovisky


Faith, by definition, is the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen. Life, hope, and clarity about our situations, can be difficult when you can’t see ahead to “the rest of the story”.  It is easy to forget there is someone greater in control and “see” how he is at work. It is in the remembering and “seeing” God’s faithfulness in the past that gives us the confidence to boldly walk in faith in the present.  Join us as we explore God’s faithfulness that helps us believe in advance what will only make sense in the reverse.   

Led by Mandie Verlinger


Do you wonder why you aren’t experiencing more joy and contentment in your life? In our culture we are inundated with the idea that a better life, changed people, or different circumstances will increase our joy, but that is not where true joy is found.  So how do we find joy in any circumstance, good or bad? The answer is both easier and more challenging than you might think.  Join us as we discuss how greater joy is possible, essential, and within your reach. 

Led by Katy Epling


[Movement based breakout]

A lack of confidence within ourselves inhibits us from living freely, experiencing victory, and effectively moving into God’s purpose for us. When we are lacking the full confidence to step forward into bold action, God calls us to greater vulnerability and intimacy with Him. We will discover ways to embody greater confidence in Christ through visual learning, prayer, praise, body movement and group discussion. 

Led by Valerie Gal


Oftentimes we don’t see ourselves the way God sees us. Everyday the world damages and confuses the reality of who we were created to be. We begin to believe lies rather than agreeing with the truth of who God says we are. Learn how to come into alignment with what the one who created ,and redeemed you, has said, is saying, and has declared over you.

Led by Erica Howard

COST - $45 


scholarships available.

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 7:30 AM - Doors Open

8:00 - 9:00 First Keynote 

9:15 - 10:30 Breakout Session 1

10:45 - 11:45 Second Keynote 

11:45 - Lunch

12:30 - 1:45 Breakout Session 2

2:00- 2:30 PM Closing


Breakout Session 1


-Greater Security

-Greater Hope

-Greater Rhythm

-Greater Stability

-Greater Peace

-Greater Connection

-Greater Faith

-Greater Joy

-Greater Confidence

-Greater Adjustment

Prayer Room & Reflection Room are also open during this time.

Breakout Session 2


-Greater Security

-Greater Rhythm

-Greater Stability

-Greater Peace

-Greater Connection

-Greater Faith

-Greater Joy

-Greater Identity

-Greater Confidence

-Greater Adjustment

Prayer Room & Reflection Room are also open during this time.

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