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Q: How much does a session cost?

A: Our Integrative Prayer and Counsel Sessions are 60 minutes and cost $60. Other services such as somatic services and group sessions vary.


Q: Is this clinical counseling?

A: No, Free to Be Ministries is not a clinical counseling agency. But rather, a team of trained leaders from all types of careers (social workers, ministry leaders, pastoral counselors, clinical counselors, counselors in training, mental health coaches, trauma informed instructors, and more), that bring their unique expertise to our specific approach of Integrative Prayer and Counsel Services. All staff have gone through our extensive proprietary Free to Be Training and all staff are under the supervision of licensed counselors. 


Q: Do you take Insurance?

A: At this time, Insurance, as well as HSA/FSA payments are not accepted. Clients can pay for a session with cash, check, or all major credit/debit cards. 


Q: What if I cannot afford sessions?

A: Free to Be is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We pride ourselves on making our services accessible to the community. We have priced our services at rates much lower than traditional counseling services, for this reason. If you are experiencing financial hardship, you can talk with your staff member about frequency of sessions, or work with them to find a rate that can work for you. Additionally, our groups, that are priced lower than our one-on-one sessions, are an option as well. 


Q: Can I do couples therapy? Is that a higher cost?

A: Yes, several of our staff members specialize in marriage / couples therapy. The cost per session is the same as a one-on-one session, $60.

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