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Rewrite  Her Story

She is your neighbor. She is your coworker. She is your family member. She is your ministry/community/professional leader. She might be you ...and she’s waiting. Waiting for you to answer the call and stand in the gap between her woundedness and her story of freedom.


“I have never heard from God so deeply and intimately before. Through prayer He spoke right into my most area of need, to know I was wanted by Him, made by Him, known and loved by Him. I am leaving today confident that I am enough because He is enough."

Stories like these are not uncommon -- the need is great. So today, we are asking you to partner with us financially -- to help hurting women find healing to live whole, empowered and free in Christ and make a greater impact for the kingdom of God.


Free To Be Ministries is a non-profit organization. Your donation and support helps our ministry grow and help others find freedom. All donations are tax deductible via the receipt you'll receive in your email following your donation. You can securely give  below. Thank you for your support.

Monthly Giving
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