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 "I know My sheep and My sheep know me," John 10:14

  The Shepherd's Voice

  1. Exalts God and reveals His character.

  2. Lines up with scripture. God’s voice and His word are always in total agreement.

  3. Edifies the believer. Refines believers heart and draws her closer to the Lord.

  4. Is smarter than me/bigger than me. (God’s perspective)

  5. Will be confirmed by Godly counsel.What does my Christian community say?

My Voice

  1. Exalts self and exposes my flesh

  2. Neglects the value and necessity of the word of God and His truth. Wrongly interprets Scripture.

  3. Draws believer more into pride, selfishness and desires of the flesh

  4. Is limited / earthly perspective

  5. Trusts self rather than others who may be farther along on their faith journey.

The Enemy’s Voice


  1. Distorts character / identity of God

  2. Distorts, lies, misuses, malign, casts doubt and contradicts the word of God

  3. Draws believer away from the Lord and into the world of sin and temptation

  4. Sinful / evil perspective

  5. Will always lie about myself/others and situation. Will always claim there are no consequences for sin

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